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servicing sydney 14 years now giving a wow factor no the sunshine coast  



LUxury detailing by DESiGN



PRE SALE & LUXURY DETAILING from $199 to $499

Please choose the service best suit to you detailing needs our 2.5 hour service is designed for newer cars or cars in good condition. Luxury car detailing  half day detail $299 includes cut and polish, clay bar treatment, quality polishes, steam clean, seats, carpets & leather, plus so much more, this is the perfect presale detail, guaranteed the best service when selling because we have the time to get the best results. Luxury full day detail $499 including dog hair removal, spills & accidents, smoke smell removal, concrete removal, off road dirt and more included in this service,




Detail My Car is a leading company that offers top of the line detailing services. Detailing is an extensive form of cleaning where the car is cleaned from top to bottom. Detailing is different from ordinary cleaning processes.At Detail My Car, we offer full-scale car detailing across the Sunshine Coast . Whether you are looking to sell off your car and want to bring it back in its prime condition or are just looking to improve the aesthetic condition of your vehicle, we are here to help you out.

Mobile Services


After 15 years serving Sydney its time to say good bye and thank you for all your surpport. But we will now be serving the Sunshine coast. So if you don’t have the time to bring your car to a detailing workshop? It doesn’t matter, we are  a mobile car detailing service  on the Sunshine Coast! Give us a call or jump online and book an appointment. We offer pre-sale detailing starting from $299. Our professional detailing experts have a lot of experience in detailing cars.

One of the reasons why so many customers prefer working with us is because we pay a lot of attention to detail. When it comes to mobile car detailing on the Sunshine Coast, you can trust our guys. We will first inspect your car, then carefully create a plan for your detailing needs. By the time we are done, we guarantee that your car will look as good as new!

Online Booking


We offer the most convenient way of booking a detailing service. If you want, you can just book a car detailing session on your phone. We offer complete car detailing on the Sunshine Coast for all our customers. Being one of the leading Sydney car detailers,for more than 14 years we have experience in working with all kinds of cars.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a full-sized SUV or a small coupe, we can detail it for you in a way that no one else can! Our detailing experts are well-versed in factory fittings of different cars, so you can rest assured that our Sunshine Coast car detailing services we offer are the best in the business.

Our Promise


At Detail My Car, we promise you that you will be fully satisfied with the services that we offer. Our Sunshine coast car detailing services are priced at very affordable rates. Detail My Car is one of the best Sydney car detailers for over 14 years. Give us a call to find out more or make a booking with us online.

Our Story 


Our vision is to revolutionise the way you get your car detailed and to allow you to choose the service best suited to your needs form corporate, affordable or luxury. Using the latest technology we want people to be able to get the best results form your detail not matter which service you choose. We can help you in preparing your car for sale maintaining your cars look and feel all year long so you always feel like your driving a new car, or if you are looking after a corporate event we can offer service by the hour plus you choose how you need us to work with your needs. All this while  offering great service. So we are working to keep pushing the boundaries of technology offering great service at affordable price at the touch of a button for the now factor with people that love life.



If you need to ask a question fill in the form below. To help us best answer your question please give a detailed outline of your cars needs, the package you would like, any extra requirements you want and  your budget. This will allow us to tailor your cars detailing package and  allow our team to do all we can to answer your question fully.




Car wash bays & underground parking are great, but please ensure you check the lighting as we need to be able to see the car properly to professionally detail. If you have a carport, garage or other cover, this will allow us to detail your car whatever the weather. 


However if we are working outside please take a moment to check the weather app below before you book. As without cover we are unable to work in the rain & on very hot days its important to keep the car cool and for us to work safely.



We offer same day service so you can get on with your day while we detail your car. Please ensure your car is empty & ready to be detailed.


Please ensure we are able to access power and water.