We guarantee, when you book and pay online we will not cancel or change your booking, we will be there when we say. Your booking is guaranteed, our calendars only shows available dates and times and your booking confirmation is emailed straight to your device.

Many companies allow you to pay after your detail, this can feel like a better way to book. But without a payment there is no commitment from you or them, either can choose to cancel, change or not honour the booking. Companies taking booking over the phone will often say yes to every enquire to cover last minute cancellations, and may choose the better paying jobs over your booking. Paying online guarantees your booking, staff are allocated to your car detail ensuring everybody is committed. Plus payments have bank level protection & security.


Responsibility lies with you to choose the right service check the weather, plus power & water is available. Should you need to cancel use the link provided on your invoice. If we are unable to detail your car due to bad weather no power, water or extra time is required you can choose to upgrade or cancel  full costs apply. If you need to change or cancel your booking please do so within 12 hours to avoid charges.

Please note should you need to cancel you can do this directly from the invoice emailed to you when you book.


If we can't improve or fix a problem we want our clients to know before they buy, but if you decided to book we will do all we can to solve the problem.

After many years we have found no scratch is the same there are many saps and paint types so we prefer to air on the side of caution and try to get the best results.
Sap removal, swirl mark removal, scratch removal, alloy wheel repair, exterior sticker removal, fix faded paint, touch up paint, fix foggy headlights, egg removal, Repair headlining, repair old leather, remove old stains from seats or carpets

Notes: please ensure this header is independent to allow people who looking to fix something easy access


To complete your booking please follow the prompts and make your payment to receive your booking confirmation.
If the team members feels they are unable to complete the task in the time allocated, you will be asked to pay the additional cost before commencement. We are always happy to help on the day and our operators will do all they can to advise options and costs. 

Responsibility lies with the customer to ensure they choose the right service's. Should you decided not to continue with our service our team member will cancel your job and you will be charged in full to cover the operator's time and cost associated with your booking. There are no charges for jobs cancelled within 12 hours. 



Car wash bays & underground parking are great, but please ensure you check the lighting as we need to be able to see the car properly to professionally detail. If you have a carport, garage or other cover, this will allow us to detail your car whatever the weather. 


However if we are working outside please take a moment to check the weather app below before you book. As without cover we are unable to work in the rain & on very hot days its important to keep the car cool and for us to work safely.



We offer same day service so you can get on with your day while we detail your car. Please ensure your car is empty & ready to be detailed.


Please ensure we are able to access power and water.